Thanks for checking out our interactive dental office design planner. This easy to use tool is geared towards clients looking to build, remodel, or expand their practice. The planner will give you the opportunity to put your ideas to paper and bring your visions to life.

Getting Started

Basic design guidelines:

  • Recommended office size is easily determined by multiplying the number of treatment rooms by 400 SF. Example: 5 treatment rms. x 400 SF = 2,000 SF
  • Ideal treatment room size 10′-0″ x 11′-0″ or 9′-0″ x 11′-0″ for hygiene
  • Handicap accessibility standards require a minimum 3′-8″ hallway

Here are some simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Select a plan from our design gallery or create your own plan
Step 2: Logging in will allow you to save, print, and email to share with your colleagues or one of our Henry Schein Specialists
Step 3:
Draw your walls
Helpful hints
This icon can be used as a selection tool but will also end a command
Add dimension lines to use as a guide before placing walls
You can lock walls when finished to keep them in place using the edit pull-down menu
Step 4: Add windows and doors using the symbol library found under the structural category
Step 5: Add dental chairs, cabinetry and equipment using the products library.
Helpful hints
To copy, mirror, rotate, delete or view the product website simply click on the icon
To group multiple items, hold down the shift key and select items
Step 6:
Add room labels
Step 7: Save, print and/or email to share your ideas

If you have any questions about using the planner we would be happy to assist you, please contact our Integrated Design Studio at 800-336-8397.

What’s next?

Integrated Design Studio works in tandem with our national team of Equipment & Technology Specialists who will guide you every step of the way; from the initial design phase to the final installation. Ready for the next step or want to learn more?
Contact us below.